was this from MJ first season, zc?

  1. i found this on flickr.

  2. Yup, MJ did release this ZC.. I once saw one sell on eBay for about $50. It's probably from the Zoe line in 2001-2? It's a gorgeous color.

    He also released it with buckles, circa 2004-5. One of our members was lucky enough to score a great deal at a consignment shop:
  3. thanks thithi, you like the historian of MJ :smile:, you teach a class to us :smile:
  4. It's from the 2002 Resort Line - There was a bag very similar to it that came in red and black (Zip Top Hobo) - Here's a pic of Jennifer Garner carrying the red version:

  5. deng iluvmybags, you have great pics!:::i bow down to both you and thithi!::