was this ever made??

  1. i know this is a far shot :sweatdrop: but if anybody can give me the answer, i know you girls can! :yahoo:

    i've been dreaming of a pair of round-toe, slingback, 75MM (or low) CLS in electric blue (patent or leather).:drool: i know the simple pumps were made but slingbacks fit me much better.

    i'm almost considering special ordering a pair!

    thanks in advance for your advice. :smile: :flowers:
  2. I have seen round toe slingbacks. One of the big 3 just showed a pair. I might have even seen a pair on NAP, but I know one of the others for sure. Not sure what colors, but the blues are just now starting to come out.It looked to me like is was a simple with a slingback
  3. ^^Yup, I got the Matador fron NM and they were damaged. The left shoe squeeks when I walk. No more stock from NM and I called the boutiques, but they didn't have them. The SA said that it sounds like the squeeking might go away with wear. Squeeking shoes never stop from squeeking in my experience! So I went to NM yesterday and returned them.

    I went to Nordies today and they had one pair left in my size - ON SALE! :yahoo:Got them for $325 with tax! Let me see if I can attach a picture...

    Matador, Hora, and I don't know the name of the last pair. I don't know though if they come in blue.
    CL - Matador in Red (size 6.5) $520 - sale $348 NM and BG.jpg CL - Hora Slingbacks in Blak $620 NetAPorter.jpg CL -.jpg
  4. That last one you posted was the one I saw. I think it is just called a round toe slingback on their site.
  5. thank you cjy and wantmore!!

    wantmore, congratulations on your super find!! must be CL fate. :biggrin: what color did you get them in.

    yes, the last one was really what i was thinking of but in the electric blue, i guess i will call the store later and see if they've ever made it. but i'm not sure what the difference between the hora and the last pair is? just heel height?

  6. I haven't really paid close attention to these styles IRL, but from the stock photos the Hora has a sculpted heel similar to the yoyo style, whereas the the shoes in the 3rd photo *appear* to have a straight heel, more of a stacked heel like the Matador.

    Oh FOXY, where are youuuuuuuuu? hehe :smile:

    Good luck finding them in electric blue!
  7. good call, thanks!!
    i'm going to call them now. heheh wish me luck!

    edit: i called them and i don't think it was ever made in electric blue. :sad: she says she'll call me for the spring though!
  8. Thanks girls! I got the Matodor in Red Patent (the only pair they have left). It was really shoe-fate LOL!

    I hate NM and BG's sites. They never have the real name of the shoes on their websites! GRRRR! The last pair looks like the simple pumps but with sling back - don't know the exact name for that....maybe "Simple Sling Back Pumps"? LOL!

    I think the difference between the second and third pictures is the heels as ashakes said. One is sculpted and the other is like the Matador and Simple Pumps.

    Good Luck in your search. I'd call the boutiques first, if I were you. They have the most selections of CLs.