Was this denim bag from '07 or is this new

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  1. Sorry but that is a fake bag.
  2. Whoa....major fake.:tdown:
  3. Fake, but they did have a Signature Stripe Denim Satchel that looks VERY different from this.
  4. I thought so, I have never seen it and it didn't look right.
  5. Yup, that one is fake.

    The real one is from June 07 and the lining is the regular brown lining. It also doesn't have a leather bottom.
  6. Yes, I want the satchel and came across this one while surfing on eBay, that explains why I had never seen it before, fake, I wish these people would stop it with the fake COACH, its so annoying.:cursing:.
  7. should look like this .....
    Actual bag belongs to another member..
    11183_BDEWT-1_d2.jpg bday07001.jpg
  8. Yes, thanks, that's my future bag, I HAVE TO HAVE IT, LOL!:heart:
  9. I was thinking that bag looked fake too. Glad to see I was right cause the bottom C's are all jacked up. OP...hope you find a REAL denim satchel.
  10. :throwup: That is a total knockoff of the other bag you listed the other day. :tdown:
  11. I'm on the fence about this bag in the blue denim. I love the satchel and will add it one day, just not sure about the blue denim because I have an lv denim speedy So it might happen in the brown :biggrin: since I dont have a brown coach yet ... . I have thought about it in the tote but again.. on the fence..

    I hope you're lucky enough to find one.. i'll keep my eyes open for you.
    What about this one

  12. That’s the one I’m bidding on, but I think it’s going to be a fight to the death!
  13. Thats my bag! :yes:
  14. Bag is definitely a fake. I emailed seller to ask if she guaranteed authentic. I got nasty response telling me she never claimed authentic and to mind my own business :smile: