Was this an actual color available?

  1. there was indeed a rose color.
  2. That's a gorgeous color!
  3. I think they just didn't make a bunch because it sold out right away and I never see anyone carrying it... In fact...other than a lady with a dusty rose wallet....I've never seen anyone but me carrying any of the rose. Part of what I love about it! I feel unique!
  4. Yep! It's so pretty a friend of mine actually got one at the Coach Outlet right after christmas.

  5. I actually saw someone carrying a rose shoulder bag when I was at a bday party for one of my daughter's classmates on Sunday. It was the first time I saw someone with that outside of the store. I had my pond one on and I wanted to go up and say something to her, but she probably would have thought I was weird (as opposed to just being oddly obsessed with Coach!LOL!). You're right though, it's very unique (and pretty)!
  6. I was at the outlet when I saw the rose wallet...so I totally could have said something...but she seemed in a hurry. I havent seen anyone carrying pond yet either......but thinking I may need to order it this weekend when I get my bonus finally!
  7. YES IT IS! I just received one . . . My eBay seller was sad to let her go but told me to take Rosey out to lunch! :smile:
  8. I do think we have inner responses when we notice another Coach in public. Like, oh she has a Coach! I see a Coach, that's a Coach, there's another Coach.

    The first time I ever went to a Coach boutique I felt like I was in a sanctuary. People seemed hushed, secretive. My 4 year old broke the solemnity when she started talking to and feeding the Coach dog! Now, everybody lighten up!
  9. I saw one at the outlet Thanksgiving weekend but it had a broken turnlock. It was such a pretty color.
  10. i was at corporate headquarters today and i saw someone with the soho braided tote, and i wanted to say something SO bad... but i thought that would've been weird. i always wonder if the people i see with great bags are on tpf!