was thinking of....

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  1. Hi guys. I was thinking of getting a new wallet. my current gucci one is kinda worn out. :sad2:

    and well, i was thinking if i should get the LV Monogram Vernis Billfold (white/pink) for $520 or the Chanel cambon wallet (really like the black one) for ~$535. I am really torn between the two. They are about the same size and price. :love:

    what do you guys think? :Push: :wacko: :sick: :blink:

    heres the pictures.

    this is one from ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/100-AUTHENTIC-CHANEL-CAMBON-FRENCH-PURSE-WALLET_W0QQitemZ5479013692QQcategoryZ45259QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    its one of the very few authentic picture i can find online.

    this is the LV one in white.

    or the one in pink.

    or do you guys have any suggestionss?????? :lol:
  2. I'd go with the cambon, only because its more durable IMO than the vernis. I had a vernis wallet that I couldn't help but abuse :sad:
  3. Id go with the Chanel. And after seeing this, I really, really, want one for myself. :love:
  4. I like the chanel one too more and you don't have to worry about it turning yellow. but don't get it from ebay :sad:
  5. i have the chanel and its great i've also had a vernis wallet and let me tell you the edges gets real f&^Ked up
  6. I will choose Cambon, I got a silver vernis wallet , now it turns to grey color and vernis is very hard to take care!!

    Have u throught about getting a Hermes wallet? they are beautiful! or LV suhali?
  7. I really like the Vernis rasberry billfold! It's gorgeous!
  8. I like the framboise billfold as well!

    But for longevity sake, I would go with the Chanel because I'm almost certain you would run into problems with the vernis as an everyday wallet. the glue holding my lexington pochette was showing and it wasn't a pretty sight =(
  9. Chanel hands down!
  10. Definitely Chanel Ligne Cambon.
  11. i was actually looking for a compact wallet for everyday use. the suhali ones are more like clutches, right? and i havent seen any hermes wallet before. im from seattle, and i dont think they have hermes anywhere?

    and yeah, i think i would get the cambon then. think that its really really pretty. and it would go with the chanel cambon that i already own. =)

    thanks guys! appreciate it. ;)
  12. Love the vernis framboise but I would be too scared to get it scratched or anything.
  13. the chanel. definitely the chanel. the vernis seems like it would be too much work to take care of...also, the chanel is so pretty! :smile:
  14. chanel...!!
  15. LV in pink! Toooooo cute!