Was thinking about our bags...

  1. And, if it's really true about LV outsourcing to India, then I wouldn't get rid of any of the good ole made in france stuff. Seems like it will continue to be worth more for collectors looking for the real deal... that's just what I think. I don't wanna get rid of any of mine... I :heart: them all...:wlae:
  2. Yeah, It's a good idea to keep your made in France/Spain/Italy stuff. Because I'm having regrets about not keeping all my Coach made in USA and kate spade made in Italy!:sad:
  3. Ugh, I used to have the most beautiful Kate Spade glazed caramel leather wallet, Made in Italy, smelled lovely... I have no idea what happened to it :sad:
  4. If it's true...I'll keep these a little longer, and resell for profit. Yes, I'm evil like that. :devil:
  5. OT, but Veronika, just saw your pig! Soooo cute!

    Yes, I definitely prefer my Made in France/Italy LVs.
  6. It wouldn't really matter to me about the old ones (France, Spain and the USA) because they're all still LV and are of the same quality, in my experience. However as long as the quality of the ones made in India doesn't diminish then I won't be bothered by it.

  7. Bravo!:heart: ITA
  8. im dying for an italy lv! i love italy!
  9. I agree:yes:
  10. LOL!
  11. My Ambre Neo Cabas was made in Italy and the quality is superb! :love:
  12. Vernoika, Louis look sooo cute in ur signature!
  13. i can't seem to part with any of mine--- i tried. but i cant ...