was thinking about buying a juicy wallet but now Im not so sure

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  1. I have been in the need of a new wallet. Well not really but just wanting something different! I have my eye on a Juicy Couture padlock wallet. Love it. I found one on ebay that was a great buy at $49.95 with BIN at that price. Thing is, the color is purple and Im not sure if I like it enough to save the $25 from the brown. I cant really tell how it looks from the picture, so I asked the seller just a few of the normal questions since it states used, (ie any signs of wear, do you have the box, paperwork, ect) and would she mind sending pics of the inside and the corners. Just want to know what Im buying before I fork out the $50. Here is the reply I got:

    It has no obvious signs of wear. Sorry I have no paperwork. Also if you are concerned with authenticity I do not sell replicas you can read my feedback.

    The auction is fairly vague. Its not so much the authenticity that Im worried about but the real condition of the item. Here is the auction 130431798625. Im kinda leary of one photo auctions and Im thinking I will move on.
  2. Hi, I'd skip it, especially since you are unsure of the color. I am always cautious when a buyer's explanation is "I don't sell fakes" rather than providing actual documentation or explanation of when/where the item was purchased (even if they don't have the papers) etc.
  3. The seller only has one picture showing in the auction, she shouldn't be surprised that a buyer would want more than one photo. I think I'd pass on this wallet - something else is bound to catch your eye.
  4. Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking. I have seen way too many buyers get burned on the one pic auction. I didnt even say anything about authenticity. All I wanted to know was if she had any tags, reciepts or boxes. Sometimes that makes an item have a little more appeal, not to mention value to some buyers, especially when reselling. You would have thought I had just insulted her royally! I just dont get sellers who dont want to sell.
  5. try nordstrom rack or saks off fifth. or, if you have a juicy outlet. you can get a better deal on a new wallet with no worries of color, wear, etc.

    $50 on a used juicy wallet is not a deal at all.

    juicy is having friends and family on 9/30 i believe, so if you can go then, you'll get a discount. they also ship for $9. just call any juicy store.

  6. YOU ARE AWESOME! Im new to Juicy items so Im learing the pricing on their stuff. I do think there is an outlet in Dawsonville, Ga. I am going to check on that. WOOHOO!!!!:yahoo: I think we may hit up Atlanta this weekend. Thanks for the great info!