Was there someone interested in older canguros?

  1. Someone was looking for an original print canguro...I can't remember who it was. Was it Robotkitten??

    You're so funny FrogBubbles...if not, ignore this thread!! LOL!!
  2. hmmm...
  3. Does that hmmm mean you're considering getting one?? If so, I say go for it!! I just ended up w/a canguro and it's pretty cool. You can actually strap it across your back (thanks tokidoki:heart: er for this) and it looks cute, like a flat lil backpack!!

    I live in a neighborhood where everyone bikes everywhere and there's some big deal trail around here so I'm getting a new bike and I figured this thing will come in super handy for riding around town!! :wlae:
  4. I was looking for original print canguro...i'm asking the seller for the actual photo, i hate stock photo :shrugs:

    Thx for the find ! ;)
  5. Oh, sorry Azumie...I thought it was Robotkitten!! Good Luck...I hope it has lattes on it!! :drool:
  6. Ah good, I'm glad I'm not making stuff up in my head.

    They sound like pretty good deals from a respectable seller. Hope it works for you. :smile:
  7. Not this time anyway!!! :graucho:
  8. ooh im excited... i think i might want one!!
  9. oooh they got a playground..not bad deal either.. :biggrin: