Was there ever such a bag made by Balenciaga?

  1. I just saw a lady carry a Balenciaga bag today at the mall. At first I thought it was a fake, because here in Vancouver I just rarely see any Balenciagas real or fake...anyways I digress...

    After getting a closer look at the bag, withought seeming too obvious it looked like a caramel bag with raised silver hardware. What was funny was that the size seemed to be somwhat between a first and a city size (it looked like the same length and height as a first and about the same depth as a city) Also, the handles looked to be longer too. In fact, she removed the shoulder strap and wore the handles over her shoulders comfortably and she didn't particularly had skinny arms.

    The reason why at second glance I thought that it is real is because this bag had great leather! And apprently the lady must love her bag because it was well worn and almost all the tassles were split and some broken off!

    Was there ever such a bag made? If so, does anyone have a picture of one?....just very curious...thanks.
  2. I have a caramel city '03 with the silver hardware. Here is a picture:
    DSC00879.JPG DSC00873.JPG
  3. Hi Zacorey...is your city smaller in size than the present day city and does it have longer handles? If so, that may be what I saw today.
  4. ^^^ My caramel is the same size as other city bags- probably the handles were stretched out on that lady's bag. The handles do stretch over time.
  5. or maybe it was a worn-in caramel 03 twiggy... those can look like an oversized classique when they are all slouchy
  6. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a twiggy. She stuffed the bag pretty full. You know it must have been a city. I've always thought that a city was so much larger than a first, but when it's so slouchy it doesn't look all that big. Plus I guess if the handles stretch over time you could just wear it over your shoulders and don't use the strap.

    It looked really nice. I will have to consider getting a city bag in the future. Maybe in blueberry?:P
  7. Yes- I love the city style- it's so hard to choose the color!!!
  8. The City is so practical, it isn't too big and it isn't too small :jammin:
  9. yeppers, i agree chloe-girl, the city's a practical & classic b-bag :yes:
  10. zacorey---I love your 03 Caramel City!!! :heart:
  11. Hobbit, do it, do it!!! Succumb to the call of the City! Blueberry would be nice, yes, but how about the rouge vif?
  12. Hi SerenitySue! Yes, I am seriously considering the city. So far, I only have an Ink first, but I'm patiently waiting to get a Blue India day for my next bag. If I get a blueberry city, that might be too much blue bags (I consider the Ink somewhat "blue"). I'm not sure the rouge vif would work for me, although it's a gorgeous colour. Maybe I should get a classic Black city?

    Oh no! Three bags in one season....my DH is not going to like this!
  13. Black City would be a great choice. It'll be a bag that you'll just use forever and not get sick of. It would be a staple in your wardrobe! The Blue India Day does some yummy! I was considering this same bag too a few weeks back but now that I've seen pics of the red, I'm torn between a red Day or City.

    DH will just need to get used to your new habits, lol. So expose him to it as much and as soon as you can.:whistle:
  14. zacorey, the leather on your caramel city is yummy!
  15. PUP & ESILE- Thank you! I love it sooo much! The leather and color are the best! I hope to join you on the fire engine red train!:graucho: