was there ever a vernis speedy?

  1. hey ladies, I'm not an LV expert so I'm wondering if there was ever a vernis Speedy? because I saw one at the mall today in a dark pink color.
  2. as far as i know - NO. but they did release a "Legally Blond" special set of fuschia Vernis bags a couple of years ago. im pretty sure they made a Pegase and a Keepall(Mercer) for this set. but the one you saw in the mall... highly unlikely.
  3. Yes there is, in Japan.
  4. I saw one a few months ago at the mall, she was coming out of LV store so I am guessing it was real. It was beautiful!!!!
  5. I want to go to Japan just to get one!!! But hubby doesn't think a 'bag' is a valid reason for an intternational trip.
  6. there was a perle white vernis speedy that was released in japan. but no pink one that i've heard of...

  7. awww why not?!! i'm from japan and it's a great place!! :yahoo: :heart:

    here are some pics i found (in japanese sites....haha), special ordered speedy! :tender:
    3422.jpg 3424.jpg 3424a.jpg
  8. ^^I love it in the vernis :love:
  9. Simply stunning!
  10. The pink one you saw was most likely fake. Pearle was the color it was released in, only in Japan- and there has even been conflicting info on this.
  11. that bag is absolutely gorgeous!! oh, I'd love to have a vernis speedy! thanks for the pics sophia!
  12. LOL, I was talking to one of the SA over the weekend that it would have been nice if they made the speedy in the vernis line, and she replied that it would be awesome:girlsigh: I would buy in the red, pink.....
  13. I am glad you asked this. When I was in Vegas last month I saw a lady carrying a fuschia or frambois Speedy and it looked SO pretty. So when I went into LV in Caeser's the girls looked into it and told me LV def did not make a Speedy in vernis. Not even for special order. Now I don't know about the Japan one in perle but this is what they told me. Kind of a bummer because it would be gorgeous! Oh and I guess that lady was walking thru the Bellagio carrying a big fat fake!
  14. you're welcome!!:flowers:

    i guess this lady who special ordered, waited over 8~9 months.....i guess it was available to order very very short period of time last year --- in japan. :nuts: :heart:
  15. Oh come on, don't tell him that's why you want to go! :graucho: Be creative, haha.

    I REALLY REALLY want one too. Sigh.