was there ever a small spy?

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  1. i'm asking for some of the fendi girls' knowledge since mine is a bit limited. :crybaby: was there ever a small spy? not the baby spy, but similar size that had all the knick knacks(coin purse etc) the big one has. i saw a girl the other day that had a small spy, it was white with black details but i don't know if it was an authentic:confused1: ...do any of you have pics??? thanks a lot!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. I think there was the baby spy, a med. spy and then a large spy. Maybe the one you saw was fake??
  3. They did come in two sizes. I don't know if they still make both, but yes, there was a smaller spy and a larger spy (besides for the baby spy).
  4. exactly.. so its baby spy
    large spy
    medium spy

    the most frequently seen one is the medium... so tht could be the one u were tlaking about as its smaller than the large
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