Was there ever a red spy with black trim?

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  1. I said a lady at the mall spotting a red spy with black trim. It looks fake to me. The leather wasn't bubbly at all, kind of pleather-ish. I don't recall a color like that, so was there?
  2. No, their was a white one with red trim and a white with green trim their is also the all over colour Cherry.
  3. That's what I thought. Especially because the color was a bright red. It was gross. :throwup:
  4. Their is a new spy out which is made of puffa jacket material that is all red (awful thing in my mind) do not think it has black trim.
  5. No it's not the moncler spy. I saw that one at Barneys already. I thought the red moncler is kind of cute. The black shiny one, not so much.
  6. i remember posting a pic of a kuwaiti princes carrying the same spy ur talking about ... let me go find it
  7. OK LOL i cant find my ow post .. girls if any of u still have the pic i mentioned above plz post it ..