Was there ever a Lucy in Champagne?

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  1. I know the Marcelle came in Champagne, but what about the Lucy?
  2. Maggie, I'm seriously no expert on Lucys, but I do recall seeing a Lucy in bronze and here's a pic I found. It seems similar to champagne. No doubt the Lucy experts will chime in, when they get up.
    Bronze Lucy.jpg
  3. Sigh...there's my baby. I have her tucked safely away in my closet -some fluke occurrence of the stars a month or so ago had me stumble upon this BRAND NEW WITH TAGS on eBay with a BIN. That was a happy day.....:heart:
    This was like Mom to the Champagne. This is a little deeper - like with an undertone of more brown whereas the Champagne had a little bit of a golden pink undertone. Hard to describe.....
  4. If any of you find a picture of the Champagne Lucy on your travels, I'd like to see it! (and that bronze is beautiful, JChiara, maybe the stars will gather again for me:smile:)
  5. I have the bronze Lucy, and while I love the look of it, I've yet to carry it, though I've promised myself to at least give all my bags a trial run, I'm not sure what to even wear this with!
  6. Well, if that baby needs a new home, Rosen, it would find a great one here and I know exactly what to wear it with...
  7. Actually I was kinda iffy on the color as well at first.
    I was going to buy it from a friend and then changed my mind. I wasn't going through a good "metallic" phase - I had just sold my Champagne Marcelle and I thought I was done with it.
    Then it came along and I couldn't like say "oh - can I have the bag now?" from my friend so I ended up paying waaay more than I originally had planned.
    I too, haven't worn it yet - I would say it's DEFINITELY a winter color (IMO). It's truly a bronze color. Dark...very pretty - almost like a muddy khaki color.
    I think it would be wonderful with anything that you would wear a black or brown bag with...it's a wonderful unusual neutral and I highly recommend it if you ever come across one.....;)
  8. Aggh! Now you have me wanting one JC! Can you post some pics of your baby puh-leez? :yes:
  9. Oooh, I'd love to see a pic too! Maybe I need a bronze Lucy too, then we could be Redundant Metallic Kooba Lucy Twins twice over, with our silvers and our bronzes! :roflmfao:
  10. I will get a pic right on over. Give me just a little bit....