Was there ever a GREEN Epi Speedy?

  1. I see a lot of green wallets, but haven't seen a Speedy so far :hysteric:
    And when was green Epi introduced and discontinued? TIA! :flowers:

    edit to say: How about yellow Epi? Does anybody know when it was discontinued?
  2. Yes Eva, there was a green.
    i can't help you with dates, though, sorry.
  3. Yes, there was green epi produced back in the 90s but I think it was discontinued around 1996, the color is known as Borneo Green if I'm not wrong. Also, my Mum is STILL using her green epi PTI, lemme check out her datecode!
  4. There was definitely a yellow Epi as well - it was quite pretty, with the purple lining. I think it was discontinued in the late 90's or early 2000's.
  5. Borneo Green is such a beutiful colour. and as a Speedy - it was amazing! i also love Tassili Yellow with that contrasting purple interior lining. i think yellow was still available as late as 2002.
  6. ^^Thank you! :flowers:
  7. I bought a yellow epi piece @ the old 5th ave store in 2001, I think it was discontinued shortly there after......