Was there ever a black/extremely dark brown suede Bow?

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    I just received a Bow I got from eBay that was supposed to be the brown suede material. When I opened up the package, it looked more black to me. I've seen pictures of some of the brown suede Bows other TPFers own and mine looks much darker. Was there ever a dark brown suede Bow made?

    If you guys could help me, I'd appreciate it. This is my first Miu Miu bag, so I don't know much about all of the colors and such. I just know I love Bows. I might just be freaking out for no reason.

    I've attached some pictures I took with my phone. Quality isn't that great but maybe it could help to see the color. Thanks so much!

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  2. in the first season, there was a dark brown suede bow called "scamosciato" but it's extremely rare to find one now. i've never heard of a black suede version and yours looks very very dark. perhaps the seller had it re-dyed and did a horrible job of it..? or it could be something else...
  3. Thanks for your help, ikim23. Does "scamosciato" just mean that the bag is suede or is that the name for the particular color used? I had it authenticated on here so I was confident but now the color is really bothering me. The sealant is a brown color so I'm guessing the bag is supposed to be dark brown? I can't really find pictures anywhere to compare either.
  4. i have the scamosciato bow, and while it is dark brown, it's not black or nearly black. i've never seen a black suede bow. it could be dyed, but suede is very hard to dye.. and it changes the texture as well. does it feel dyed?
  5. The material doesn't feel stiff or heavy. It's still suede more toward the top and the bottom gradually has a smoother texture, which I thought was normal because the suede Bows originally come like that. The suede is very dark brown. The only pictures of suede Bows that I'm finding are from this forum and they're all of the other brown color.

    Thanks for your input, heartfelt. Trying my best to figure it out and try to get my money back if it's a fake. Then I'll have to go searching all over again for a new Bow. :-s