Was there a wait list 2 years long in 2005? LOL

  1. A girl I work with and I got on the topic of Balenciagas yesterday. I told her I had owned 3 of them at one point, but had sold them all off since. She said she was dying to get an apple green in 2005, but they (I assume Bal NY) told her there was a 2 year wait list for it so she could not buy one at the time. It kind of sounds plausible that Bal NY would say something like that. Was there a lengthy wait list at any point?
  2. The apple green came out 2 years ago begin 2005, now U can only buy them on e-bay. Or at a marketplace.
    I dont think the shops wil have them new because it was a very loved colour until now the vert gazon or grasgreen popped up as one of the 2007 colours. Maybe she can take a look at that colour and if she likes it she has to be fast its also very wanted also. I just bought a secondhand applegreenwork of e-bay and waiting for my frogprince to arive.
    Good luck and hugs FX:heart:
  3. Even the black city had at least a 6 month wait list in early 2005
  4. she inquired about it in 2005 when it came out, and she was told there was a 2 year wait list for that color.
  5. I was on wait lists for several bags in 2005 that I never got through BNY or any other store. I had to buy for over retail on eBay. Strangely, I easily got a turquoise and an apple green at retail. A lot of people were afraid of the colors from the swatches, until the bags started circulating. Then it went nuts. People wanted pink from the start.
  6. how can there be a 2 year waitlist if the colors change every season? how would she know that particular color came out during that time? i'm confused
  7. that's basically what I was wondering. That's why I thought it was funny.
  8. It's their way of saying: sure, we'll put your name down...but you aren't likely to get one!

    (Sort of like the Anthracite Day? Anyone seen one?)
  9. one time i went to balny in 2005 (i think feb or march..) and was thiseclose to getingt a rose city...and there was no wait list for that bag...i decided against it tho.
  10. it might have been a situation like you had to be on a waitlist but if you stopped by the store they might have had some available immediately...i dont know lol that seems so loooonnnnggg ago.
  11. Haven't come across yet....but if a waitlist for 2 yrs, it's sounds like waitlisting for the Hermes Birkin bag (which they have more demand but less production)
  12. Nope, never heard of it.

    Seriously, how can you be waitlisted for something that changes every season?
  13. I think the 2 yr waitlist was more for the permanent colors like black and white, especially black ...and the seasonal colors were pretty much impossible to get unless you signed up super early. I was told that I would only be able to get a black bbag (at niemans) in a year and this was in 2005! Then I got a call for it the next month...so I think some of it was just to promote the image of exclusivity ( much like Hermes)
  14. Wow...by the time I started getting into Balenciaga (about a year ago) there was no such problem. They must have really upped their production to meet demand...and probably the demand dropped off as well.
  15. ^^ Well I think the demand dropped right when the production increased in late 2005 early 2006, and this was the same time the leather changed. That was when we all got used to seeing the piles of unsold balenciagas everywhere. Now they have improved the leather again (for the most part) but it would be interesting to know how many they are now producing.

    At the beginning balenciaga was modelled after Hermes ..the same styles in various colors and the image of exclusivity and unavailability...My SA at NM told me in early 2005 that BAL wants to remain very exclusive and keep the demand much higher than the production. At some point that changed though, but it would be interesting to know why and exactly when.