Was there a sale on the Cambon Med tote?

  1. I read many of you gals purchased the small pink tote and it was on sale.

    Was the medium black with black CC also apart of the sale also??
  2. I believe the medium was in sale but only in the pink/black and beige/black combos. I think the black/black in general was not part of the sale. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks ggk! It does make me feel alittle better since I will be making a purchase on the black/black med tote this week =D It will be my very first Chanel!!!

    I will be ordering over the phone ... is there anything I should ask for or specify?? Condition? Box/bag?
  4. ^ Ask if the item you're purchasing is a display item and tell them you prefer a new one that has never been out. Be sure to ask them to check that the authenticity card is in the pockets and it should be common sense to the SA that the bag should be in the corresponding dustbag and box.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks so much Jen!! I'll make sure to say that =)
  6. No problem mee4! Are you getting the calfskin or patent black on black?
  7. The calfskin. I think the patent would look to dressy and the calfskin is more versatile! I debated over the black with white CC and black/black for awhile and looked at the other lovely members modeling the bag.
  8. I just wanted to update and thanks Jen again for the help on what it normally includes ;)

    I ordered the Med tote and just came in yesterday.
    I :heart: my first Chanel!
    chanelmed1.jpg chanelmed2.jpg
  9. It's gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  10. It's beautiful. You will love the size. I have the pink with black CC and it is my favorite bag until I buy my second one. Enjoy.
  11. Congrats!!!