Was there a blue Denim Cruise Pleaty made with rolled handles?

  1. :confused1: I know that there is the original denim blue Pleaty and also a Cruise denim blue Pleaty with strap and charms and buttons but is there a Cruise denim Pleaty with rolled handles but withOUT charms and buttons (like the original Pleaty)? Sorry if it is hard to picture this but yesterday I went shopping in Flushing, New York on Main Street and I saw a young woman carrying this EXACT bag! I was in love but don't remember LV ever making one of these! Have you ever seen? You think it was a high quality replica?
  2. ummm... I'm tempted to say no cuz I don't really understand what you're saying lol...
    Cruise collection has NO ROLLED handles on their Pleaties (only the Cabas raye GM has rolled handles)
    In the regular line, there's a Pleaty with rolled handles and a mini Pleaty with a small thin flat strap

    Check out vuitton.com for pix :yes:
  3. no, that doesn't exist!
    only the mini pleaty, cabas raye mm and gm.
  4. Sounds like a fake to me.
  5. Yah, I agree with John. It sounds like a fake.
  6. I've definitely seen the fakes of this. And altho LV shoulda made it, I don't think they did.
    Looked like this...?

  7. ^^^^ Oh no!!!! Here comes the mexican food I ate just a while ago!!! :throwup: