was their ever a vernis alma?

  1. i remember one of my family freinds (who is obssessed with lv before i was) has a marshmellow vernis alma (im pretty sure it was an alma this was a while back so it may have been a different bag but im sure it was an alma) anyway i allways asumed she bought the real deal becuase she is very, how should I say, pretentious and superfical interms of her fashion addiction. (to the point where she ended up selling her newly renovated house due to her addiction or at least thats how its veiwed), anyway was their every a marshmellow vernis alma shaped bag?
  2. Don't think so:shrugs: .Possibly a special order? Don't know about Alma but the vernis Speedy someone posted was TDF:tender:
  3. yeah i saw that speedy it was gorgeous, idont think a alma was made, but from what i can remeber this bag was beautiful and looked authentic, maybe a special order but i can imagine her carrying a fake let alne letting someone find out about it!
  4. You know I remember that post on The Speedy in Vernis, and as GOOD as it looked - I asked my manager about that, and well we both looked into our special order book...and yeah it wasn't possible to get The Speedy in the patent leather.

    I would have to say that would be true for The Alma... I'll even double check on that when I get back to work...
  5. i don't even think LV does s/o pieces in the limited-run Vernis colours (like marshmallow and peppermint) either.
  6. thanks for that dickies,is that you in the photo, very profesh lol, you would be my sa had i live in the states, one day i too will be a sa lol but her in oz
    duck, she had this over a year and a half ago so i think the marshmellow and pepemint were avaliable at the time
  7. yes i understand. even when these two colours were still available, i doubt they accept s/o's for them. it's like ordering a s/o Multicolour or Denim.
  8. ok well then the witch's bag is fake lol, i cant believe what a snb she is and all this time that bag was fake, well she has about 10 real bags though ...doh... acctually i need to look them up again cos i coldnt really tell fake lvs back then so if i see her another time i will be able to know the truth mahahah lol
  9. btw^ dicks is that a coworker at lv in you pic?
  10. Hey there!

    Yeah thats Suzy, but she's no longer with the company :sad: I was totally sad about that, she left back in April of this year... she has a friend (Lacey) that works over at The Sux Fifth - LV in Costa Mesa... her and I hang out, but she works for LV-Sux, I'm at LV-Neiman's...

    I will say its hard to find that co worker that you can call a friend... I love my fellow associates that I work with right now, but were not as close as Suzy and I got... yeah and other associates from other stores... some are nice, and some are just not nice... but EH it comes with the territory...
  11. Yeah thats me in the photo alright! haha, Suzy and I had some time to kill before the store closed...so yeah we were "striking a pose" haha...

    I'm the only male associate at my store... (LV - Neiman Marcus, Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA.)
  12. Your totally right!

    Yeah things that are just discontinued - you can never do a s/o.

    I have many requests for The Cabas Alto, and its like "sorry, no can do..."
  13. Lol it sounds like you're lonely there. :lol:
  14. I guess its okay now, cause we have 2 new associates and they've been there for 3 weeks now - I've gotten to feel a little comfortable, sooo its not so bad...but still... I mean I get a long with everyone, but its just nice to actually have someone to REALLY 110% vent to, ya know? I wouldn't be caught dead venting my boy frustrations with my manager... HAHA.

    I've actually met some customers that I've instantly bonded with, haha and we'll have full out conversations... (those are nice too to meet.)

    I'm such a people person, its frustrating if I can't vibe with anyone... ya now?
  15. Haha..Sux Fifth...