Was the Trompe L'oeil Faked?

  1. Does anyone know if the Trompe L'oeil was ever made in Fakes?:confused1:
  2. ooh - I'm curious about this too...good question!
  3. Probably! Everything gets faked eventually. LOL
  4. I saw a web site with fake trompe l'oeil items a while back. one of the most horrible fakes I ever saw!
  5. Probably, but these would be really hard to get right due to the unique materials used.
  6. I have never seen this faked; I guess I don't go to those type of websites.
  7. I just want to know because if this wasn't faked then I don't have to worry about purchasing it on ebay. I could just bid on it with no worries.
  8. I am always wary of e-bay. Just post the bag under authenticate this. Those guys are GOOD!

    Good luck!!!

  9. Totally OT: Your son is about the same age as my son. Isn't it a great age. Mine was born August 29!!
  10. I think you have more to worry about what kind of condition it was in versus if it was real or not.

    I ended up at a web site that had fake ones because I googled "Trompe L'oeil." I have never seen this bag faked on ebay

  11. Very right!


    EWW! :yucky:
  12. I'm sorry but what is "OT"?

    Yes! They're the same age. They are both Virgo. :yes:
    Mine was born on September 18. I think it is a woderful age. ;) It's great to see how they learn so fast and how they are curious about EVERYTHING. They grow so quickly don't they?:sad:

    I'm always with him because I dont want to miss a thing. :yes:
  13. ^ oh my...yuck!

  14. That's nasty!!!:yucky:
  15. i think that might be the same picture i saw.