Was the Tan Selma a good choice?

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    Hi everyone! My sweet husband is buying me the Selma Satchel for my bday. I had my eye on the navy for the longest time but got to my MK Boutique and they were sold out <sad trombone>. They said they could ship for $18.50. I decided to check Macy's and although they don't carry the navy, they had the Tan color AND they were doing a presale-- 20% off the bag! I went ahead and got the bag just to hold it, but wondering if I made the right choice. I am drawn to the navy color but I do have a Coach Willis in navy. I don't have a handbag in this Tan/ Camel color but I am wondering if the price is what's seducing me. So what do you think-- keep the Tan or go for the navy??? Would love your opinions... and thank you for your feedback! PS. Took a pic of the tan bag.
  2. Really depends on your wardrobe. I think that tan is a a great color and perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

    Blue and tan is a classic combo, the wallet looks great.
  3. Personally, I think you should wait for your first choice(navy) to come along. Otherwise you will always second guess the tan, and feel as if you settled.
  4. The tan is a great color and that's actually the bag I want next. I love the navy too so you may want to stick with your first choice. You could go to a different Macy's to see if they have the navy or try Macy's online.
  5. I actually just returned the tan today because that's what Bloomingdales sent me instead of the luggage I thought it was going to be.

    I'm with the past few posters, I say don't settle and get the navy/wait for it because that's the one you had your heart set on. I do think the tan is quite beautiful, but not the color I originally wanted and in the end I couldn't keep it and so I ended up even happier with the one I did have my heart set on! I'm sure the price is alluring but I think you'll be happier if you get the one you really wanted first :smile:
  6. Well Ladies! You were all right! I got the Tan and after bringing it home, I went to a different MK Boutique that had the navy in stock and switched it for the navy! ROFL!

    SOOOOO glad I did! Thank you for your advice! :smile:

    I will try to get some mod shots soon!
  7. I'm glad that you ended up getting Navy! Is Navy only sold in MK stores? I am trying to decide on the navy or black.
  8. Congrats~it's a gorgeous bag. I personally like navy one more
  9. Congrats! Will we see pics soon? I've checked out the Selma as well and it is adorable & classic in any colour under the rainbow :biggrin: