Was the Rosalie coin purse limited edition/seasonal?

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  1. I see that it is only in two options both are "call for availability".
  2. The Rose Ballerine color was. I was told by the SA on the phone that Fushcia is permanent. More seasonal colors are to come.
  3. I am in the USA and watched for days for it to show "place in cart". And only once did fuscia show as "place in cart" and very soon after that option was gone. I really wanted it in RB. However once I saw it in person (the fuscia) I decided I didn't want the peice at all.
  4. The store manager at my store told me that she received confirmation from New York that it is sold out with no more replenishment. Anyone else hear this about the Rosalie with rose ballerine?
  5. I heard the same:sad:
  6. What changed your mind?
  7. I have never owned a buttoned piece. Every SLG I own is a zipper. I'm not sure if that's why I was instantly turned off when I saw it??!! Originally I thought it looked cute when I saw photos but in person I found the button to appear low quality. The peice just didn't do it for me in person as much as online photos came across as soooooo cute. Not sure if that makes sense.
  8. That's too bad. I have it in RB and love it. I never once thought that the leather button appears low in quality. But then again, this is also my first leather button piece so I have nothing to compare it with.
  9. My SA was able to get me the fushia color. Im picking it up today. He just order last wk for me. If anyone want fushia, should talk to their SA
  10. My store had the fushia color in store today. I wanted to see rose ballerina, but they only had fushia.
  11. Seattle also had the Fuchsia, which I bought (there is still one more there!). Online it now says "place in cart" so it looks like they're starting to get more in!
  12. I've wanted the Rosalie with Rose Ballerine when it was released and was so disappointed when it sold out and people said that was it. But I just bought one today from the boutique (Boston)! The date code is 2017, so the Rosalie with rose ballerine are still being made.

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  13. It is online in Canada. I ordered one but I sent it back.
  14. *cough* told you *cough* ;)
  15. Cool! Made in January? I am wondering if anything made this month would be out yet (for frequent selling/popular items).