was the matinee ever available in mocha?

  1. as many of you know, plaza too had some amazing deals on RM bags, I got a matinee in mocha but in the picture it looked like saddle, so I emailed them to ask about the color and they told me the bag in the picture was mocha ,I also asked them if the leather was matte or if it had a sheen to it, they replied that the leather was matte,no sheen/shine at all, so I'm assuming that they are wrong and that the bag I'm getting is actually saddle (yaay! :yahoo:I don't mind at all), because the mocha RM bags I had seen ( MA, MAM and get away tote) has a sheen to it. and my question is was the matinee ever available in mocha? TIA
  2. I saw a mocha on another site but it was a dark brown with a glaze... I bought the mocha matinee yesterday too so i was wondering the same thing! I kind of hope they put up a wrong picture and that it will be dark brown... lol
  3. well they told me that the picture on the website was pretty accurate, if anything maybe it was a tad darker IRL, but the fact that they said it was matte leather it's was got me thinking that maybe the bag is actually saddle, well we'll find out once we get them, I can't wait.....

  4. The picture that was posted on Plaza Too for Mocha Matinee seems more like the saddle or even similiar to the leather on my cognac MAM. Please post pictures when you receive your new bag.
  5. i'm supposed to get mine in 2 days so i'll definitely post pics here when i get it...i'm hoping its the saddle color like in the picture they had...
  6. I find the bags on Funkylala and Lunaboston to be quite close.

    I believe the Mocha MAM has the gorgeous fleur de lis lining too!
  7. Hello ladies! I went to the Plaza Too B&M store on Hudson and the picture up on the website was very accurate -- a very soft, light brown, matte leather. Not mocha at all -- definitely saddle.
  8. yaaay!!! I knew it! I knew they were wrong, I'm glad because I really wanted a saddle one:yahoo:
  9. Hmmm interesting. What color are the flaps under the saddle?
  10. the flaps (under) are a mocha chocolate suede