Was the Manolo Blanik sale any good?

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  1. Anyone go to the Manolo Blanik sale advertized in the NY Times Sunday? I was tempted, but too busy
  2. decent....got two pairs. this sale is always worth stopping by IMO
  3. yea it was pretty good - got 3 pairs - prices were pretty reasonable with a good selection and sizes - i went on tuesday - i dont know how it would be today
  4. i went tuesday and got 2 pairs, one was a pair of alligator that was originally $3250 and i got them for under $900. my friend got 3 pairs for ~$700. it's definitely worth going by, i don't know how much is left by now... it was packed when i was there and people were all buying multiple pairs.
  5. the manolo sale is always worth going to... did get a couple of pairs..

    the prices were awesome ....
  6. Thank you ladies. I appreciate it. I tried to get DD to go by, but she didn't believe the prices would be any good or that they would have much to choose from. I'll let her know it was definitely worth it and to be sure to get to the next one. It's not far from where she works.