Was someone looking for this colorway of Chemins de Garrique?

  1. If so, please let me know. I have one on hold that I may or may not get. It's all upto this weekend!

  2. Beautiful!
  3. Holy moly that is beautiful!! I have this scarf in a peachy color and I love it!
  4. Wow, tods! I have been looking, though I don't think I've mentioned it here. But if you decide against it, I would happily take it off your hands! :smile:
  5. i wasn't but of course I am now. PMd you
  6. My sweet SA found one for me, but I already have two mousse GMs that I am absolutely in love with. Will let you know after Sunday's festivities are over. Maybe the ladies will decide it looks like crap on me. :p
  7. I have this colorway and while I don't know if it looks good on me or not (that seems to not always be my criterion for buying a scarf :p ; I do have the same design in the medium blue colorway and I belive that one actually does look good on me), I love it because it is so versatile with my business clothes with the navy, black and brown in it.
  8. Based on your scarf photos, there's no chance it won't look stunning on you!

    Have a great time this weekend!
  9. Maggie, is there actually a blue scarf that doesn't look good on you? ;)

    Gina, well the other reason for not getting it is if I really end up getting both GMs (must resist must resist must resist)
  10. Is it this one? I really liked that one too.

  11. Tods, I have a feeling it will look wonderful on you. This is definitely my favorite colorway for Chemins de Garrigue and one of my favorite scarves.
  12. Tods that scarf is going to look absolutely gorgeous on you.
  13. It looks lovely in both colorways, and the design is fab. Could it be worth splurging on all three (this plus the mousselines)? Boy, I do see your predicament, believe me!
  14. Orchids, welcome back! You and Rose are the worst enablers.
  15. ^^ Gina, exactly. And we are not counting how many I have bought since the beginning of the year. It's becoming excessive even by my standards. And that's something!