Was someone looking for Botkier Bianca in Cherry?

  1. thanks, bagachondriac! i don't know if i was one of the threads you read, but i was looking for a bianca in cherry...but i was hoping to find one on sale. :s i just went on a crazy binge of buying and have received 2 of my bags this week (HH big clip inka and a botkier black rose in metallic plum :wlae:) and am anxiously waiting for my jimmy choo mahala in liquid patent plum to come later this week! :nuts: soooo, unless i happened to find a great deal, i'm going to have to wait and see if i can get one later for a nice price. but thanks so much for posting anyway!! :yes:
  2. I am but I'm looking for the large one. :sad: But thanks anyway!
  3. That Cherry is such a pretty color. I'd like to see a IRL pic that shows the exact shade. Is it a red red or a deep red?
  4. I think that it was your post I saw! Sorry, but I couldn't recall the size that you were interested in.....now that I know, I'll keep looking! I love a challenge.
  5. They've got it on the botkier website, if you're interested.
  6. ^ Yeah but like you, I don't want to buy from the Botkier site either. lol I'm looking for a site that will hopefully have a coupon of some sort or at least free shipping.

    You're so sweet, thank you!
  7. 20% off with code GRECHEN


    Bianca Medium Cherry