Was someone looking for a pink legacy shoulder bag?

  1. They have one at KoP, as well as a pink flap. It appears as though they still have a couple of things in whiskey as well.
  2. So I guess you went shopping today? I am going to stop in there this week with my letter. I am either going to get a black mandy or an adrea in cognac. Unless there is something in the book...
  3. I had to exchange my zoe (since I'm being anal about the spots and things on it). They actually were not as nice as they have been in the past - the SA wouldn't expedite my order for free, and I was not going to sit there arguing with her, so I'm really hoping the new clutch will be here (and in pristine condition) by Sat. when dh and I are going out!

    I am probably truly shopping there on Sat. - dh and I are going out to eat out that way and he wants to check out some stuff for himself at KoP beforehand. He seems to "have a feeling" we'll be stopping into Coach ;).

    Go for the andrea in cognac - I saw that again today and it's just stunning!

  4. How much is the pink Flap?
  5. I think they're $278?
  6. Sorry - was at a Super Bowl party

    Betty Boop - the flap is $278, but I think it may be the one I bought at the outlet and returned there. If so, I got it for $249 plus tax. There isn't anything wrong with it though.
  7. do you KoP outlet or retail?? I am interested in a pink legacy shoulder!!
  8. what is KoP?? I was the one intrested in the pink shoulder. Thanks!
  9. don't quote me on it, but I think KoP is "King of Prussia"
  10. King of Prussia PA full price boutique
  11. Sorry for not responding to all the questions sooner - we were at a super bowl party last night and then I was online for about 5 minutes before I conked out on the couch!

    KoP, as noshoepolish pointed out, is King Of Prussia - full price. There are two Coach stores in that mall, one in the Court (smaller part of the mall) and one in the Plaza. The pink bags were at the store in the Plaza.
  12. Well today I went to the International mall in Tampa, FL. THey DO have the pink shoulder! BUT I didn't like it in person...... It was REALLY pink. And from the picks on eBay etc I thought it was a softer pink.... Oh well!!!