Was someone looking for a Foresta Caramella?

  1. Aww, that is a cute one.
  2. cute price too. wow...and I thought $68 was expensive for a makeup bag.
  3. i'm looking for one! =) eek i saw that too. i dunno about that $89.99!
  4. hahaha...snoopa you beat me i was about to post it lol :biggrin: ...

    Leen619: isnt that somewhat to what you had described from the store at oshun???
  5. Yeah, cute price, but if somebody REALLY wants one maybe he'd be willing to spend that much. hmmm I mean she. :graucho:
  6. Yeah, it does sound like the one I described. I should call there and see if he sold it! I won't buy it if it only has the fishes... hee lol
  7. What's the most you think you'd pay for a caramella?
  8. Retail but if it had a nice placement maybe I'd pay a little more! Depends I suppose lol.
  9. There is a really cute Foresta Dolce on eBay right now... but it's priced WAY over retail. Seems to be the way things go with Foresta these days....
  10. i saw that Dolce too. I agree it's overpriced!
  11. :lol: well the one you described had fishes!! maybe you should call up and check for the exact placement?? lol What if it only had a monkey?? would you get it? well the one on eBay has a girl monkey and a white monkey on the back:graucho: but i think checking that one on the store would be cheaper lol...
  12. I'll call tomorrow. I just got back from travel (work). I was in Maine! lol. I scoped out a Macy's in Portland.. they didn't have NO toki's. Just the regular Le Sportsacs. The SA said it's cause they're a small town. But i was hoping they would have something!

    Yeah he said there were some fishes.. and mostly water scene. I'll let ya know what i find out! But I don't think I'd buy it unless it was for $20 hahah jk.
  13. wow...you sure were far away from cali! lol ...glad to know you arrived back safely! ...ha i wish it was $20, but then again if it was it would have been gone already! :lol: goodluck!
  14. HAHA i know huh! okk let me know if you see any floating around! I'm still looking for a Bambinone for my daughter's bday present! I doubt I can find one.. time to hunt...!