was somebody looking for [fill in the blank] ?

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  1. as i'm trolling eBay and vintage shops i try to keep in mind what people are looking for -- but sometimes i remember the item, but not the person who wanted it. does that happen to anyone else? if so maybe we can use a thread where we post things that we think someone might have been looking for -- or is this totally lame?

    so anyway, was somebody looking for a black tresors du nile?


  2. Great idea DQ! :tup:
  3. The idea is good, but it would be really hard to search on without the search feature. Maybe naming the master thread by item type, so for example
    1. anyone looking for ____ scarf?
    2. anyone looking for _____bag?

    Just an idea..
  4. oh, no -- i just assumed the search feature would be back eventually. is it gone for good?
  5. Brilliant idea
    I often trawl , and see things that I think some members may like ( CB there is another teckel scarf on E bay)

    And DQ there was a lovely hermes Horse whip, but the price went really high

    So I think this is a great idea


    Black Sellier Kelly ( sloppy one) PH hardware
    could swing to a black HAC but think am Kelly person really

    Shooting star cadena ( guess we all are)
    Chaine d;ancre necklace
  6. Looking for :

    35cm Gold Birkin in Togo/Clemence/Epsom with Phw or Ghw.....

    (i've heard of these popping up a lot in NY, but so far none out here in LA!)
  7. There is a gold shooting star cadena on eBay.com.sg right now!
  8. Oh sweetie! Here's a better link: http://cgi.ebay.com/hermes-scarf-Faune-et-Flore-de-Texas-Texas-Wildlife_W0QQitemZ230210445855QQihZ013QQcategoryZ45243QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    That scarf is absolutely authentic, and offered by a fantastic tPF sister (not to mention wonderful thread starter!) :graucho:
  9. What a sweet idea for a thread!!!!

    PS:I LOVE EGYPT!!!!!!!!!!!!! =-o
  10. DH just asked if I got the vapors when he saw me look at Tresors du Nil. LOL
  11. dq, that is one gorgeous scarf! I love the Sphinx. :smile: