Was so excited to be on the waitlist for something...forgot to ask for the name! LOL

  1. So I went to LV today to help my mom pick up a card holder because she lovesssss :heart: the one I got heat stamped. Anyways we looked at the LV website (french) before we went and saw the new Scarlett ads. There was a new double pleated monogram bag with rolled handles and a zipper top. So I asked the SA, he was new so he didn't know but was happy to help me find it. So we looked through the look book and there it was:nuts:. He said I could be added to the waitlist because it wasn't going to be till Nov-Dec. I totally forgot to ask for the name cuz I was just happy to be on a waitlist for something. :roflmfao:LOL! well I think it started with a T and the GM was 10XX and the MM/PM version was 8XX.

    p.s. we did get the card holder and it's waiting for gold heat stamping...
  2. Tivolli?

    BTW, congrats!!
  3. This one? It's the Tivoli like Meeju said. :yes: Congrats!
  4. I waitlisted for the bag you are describing and it was called Palermo.
  5. isn't the tivoli wonderful? hehe. and also congrats! :smile:
  6. Sounds like the Tivoli!
  7. Ha Ha...
    At least you had fun. It will be a surprise when you get a call!!!
  8. Hahaha, very cool. So what size did you get?
  9. Yea that sounds like the Tivoli!!!
  10. you guys are such experts yep it's the Tivoli!:tup:

    I'm getting the GM...well my mom is... I can't afford it... but her stuff is my stuff... well according to me...:graucho: moms are great!
  11. Its great and exciting to be on a waitlist eh..
  12. Lovely.
  13. Congrats! It looks stunning!
    Haha, I'm the same way.
    Moms ARE great...sharing is caring! :sweatdrop::rolleyes:
  14. I can't wait to get my hands on the Tivoli!! It's such a nice bag.
  15. Ditto!! I just waitlisted for the PM today at my local store and the Banff store as well!!