Was SA intending to give me a new Speedy? Should I ask for one.

  1. Okay first off, don't laugh everyone. I over-analyze and obsess. It's a known fact. :nuts: <--- usually me

    Brought in defective speedy to Palo Alto store today. I purchased 3 months ago, rarely used it but it patined slightly as I used it in a hot area. I pointed out defective area to the SA the glaze did not fully cover leather edges on tab so it was beginning to fray. The SA then brought out a new Speedy from the drawer and began looking at it. I chimed in "Oh, I don't want a new one. I just want to fix my old one." *kicks self* He replied "repairs are really slow now." I said it was alright. Got home... informed my mother... she inquired... "How come they didnt give you a new one?!?!"

    So my question now is.... was he intending to give me the new one or was he just checking to see how the tabs were supposed to be on the new one? Now that I've thought about it and considering my speedy will take at least a month to be fixed, I think I'd rather have a new one and not have to wait. I'm contemplating calling tomororw morning and saying i brought speedy in the day before, guy brought out new one..... blah blah blah and that now that ive slept on it i was wondering if it is possible to get a new one instead. Good idea? Bad idea? It would be quite embarassing and I would seem greedy if the SA who had helped me really wasnt intending on giving me a new speedy and was just checking it. What do you guys say? :flowers:

    **Forgot to add: I asked him for a box for another lv item because i said original one was "damaged" and he informed me a flat out "no" because he said "management is really strict on that so you only get one when you purchase it". So if he wouldnt even give me a box am I delusional to think he was going to give me a new speedy? Should I still call to inquire in the morning? Oh and I thought at first that if he wasn't intending to give it to me that when I said i didnt want a new one he wouldve said something like 'oh i was just checking to compare not to give you' but he didnt. But not that I think about it he may not have said that just so he does not seem rude. :shrugs:
  2. You should call just in case, maybe he was just comparing the two bags, but making that comment about repairs taking a month could've been a hint for you to get another bag.
  3. I think he was just comparing. Unless it's a known defect, they don't exchange the bag from what I know of.
  4. I think you should call and check... you barely purchased the bag 3 months ago.. it is still pretty new... they might just exchange it...
  5. It really depends on the SA. But considering that your bag is relatively new, they should give you a new one. Call them up and ask?
  6. No, a box is different than a defected Speedy...he'll most likely give you the new speedy but I can understand the box cheapness...

    BTW: when I bought something a couple months ago they didn't have a box so the wrote on my receipt "box not given" then I had to return with the same reciept and once I got the box the punched a rectangular hole on the reciept to signify that I have already recieved the box...

    so yeah, they're tight on boxes...:lol:
  7. Khoi-- that was smart thinking!! :smile:
  8. Update: Called this morning. Just happened to speak to guy who helped me the day before. He said he was just checking the tabs on the new but that I may be able to swap it for a new speedy. He said he would call me back by the end of the day. Day ended, no call. Does that mean no? I wonder if he was just saying that to get me off his back as I have experienced such SAs in the past and they just never call you back no matter what. Let it go or call him again tomorrow? I feel like I am being a pain about it.
  9. call again to follow it up, thats what these high end boutiques are supposed to do...go above and beyond the usual customer service. the SA's here at my LV are soooooooo great at that
  10. Def. call him back.
  11. if your not happy with your bag and you truly have not caused any damage to it I think its only fair you get to exchange for another one.
    You pay premium price of LV its not a non-label handbag from a department store. Get what you deserve
  12. I suspect one of the reasons that they are hesitant to give away boxes without a purchase is due to the number of fakes available for sale. A fake bag looks much more authentic if it comes with an LV box.
  13. I say call back... when you pay these prices for things you should expect a lot more than if you were shopping at a non designer store... and instead of asking just tell them you would prefer to get a new bag... if they can do it they will and it will eliminate a lot of the guess work.
  14. I think him not giving you the box is key to your question. My sa has given me free boxes, keys and locks and catalogs all the time. NEVER charges, never even hesitates. He was not going to give you a free speedy I would bet.
  15. I truly have not caused this bag damage as it was already slightly frayed when I purchased it due to the glaze not fully covering leather tabs. I was not asking him to give me a free speedy but simply a replacement for the manufacture defective one that I recieved.

    Update:Turns out, I called this morning and he apologized for not getting back to me as it was later in the evening when checked for me. The SA said that it could be caused by wear and tear if the bag is old but since he said he could tell that I had barely carried the bag, that he would let me exhchange for another speedy or something else as the repair would take at least a month. Dropped by today considered getting the cabas piano instead but ended up sticking to the speedy. =) Recieved great service today!

    A big THANK YOU for everyones words of encouragement! :flowers: Otherwise, I wouldve ended up having to wait a whole month, maybe more, to get my speedy back! *hugs everyone*