Was my ebay account hijacked? Or just a glitch? (long)

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  1. Yesterday I checked my email and I got one of those notices that my ebay account was compromised. I figured it was a phishing scheme. I logged into ebay from a different window and my password doesn't work! I went through the whole "I forgot my password" process and thank goodness my old email was still linked to my ebay. I changed the password. I changed my email password. Luckily no bids or sales were made. The person updated the account with their name and address as primary contact but left my address for shipping :confused1: I was not able to update the primary contact because ebay said my account was locked because I obtained a "verified seller" icon within the last 30 days. What's that? There's also a 5.00 balance due because the other person had a seller verification done.

    I have contacted ebay but I was wondering is there anything else I should do? Could this be a glitch? Should I call the person who is using my screen name? Why would a hijacker leave my email and shipping address the same? This is too weird. Sorry for the long story but I'm not sure if I should be worried. I appreciate any ideas!
  2. This is scary! I hope eBay will provide you with some answers (but I really doubt it). I wouldn't try contacting the other person!! It sounds like they were getting ready to use your eBay account for selling. I WOULD fight the $5 charge seeing as you didn't authorize that. Good luck!! :flowers:
  3. Thanks! I called the number and it was not in service (of course). I'm just glad the person didn't change the email contact or I would have never known. I can't figure out how anyone could get my password!
  4. definately contact abay immediately. I got one of those wierd emails about my account. I, stupidly, clicked onthe link and entered my password. It took me to a weird part of ebay next and I had a funny feeling about it. Isent a messsage to ebay and within 24 hrs they locked my account and sent me a new way to open my account. I changed my password and fortunately, protected my account again. They did end up finding that my account had been accessed by someone who was not authorized to.