Was looking to a work bag, that was versatile as a travel beauty bag..

  1. and the monogram Deauville and Epi Riviera called my name on the website.. I went to the store to look at them and also hoping to get some advice and other suggestions.

    I was looking for a bag that was smart and classy for work, but could possibly double as a travel beauty case.. that was not super necessary, but a plus.

    the SA I got (I had to wait in a line for 20 minutes!) is chinese (not to offend anyone, but as a possible explanaition for not understanding me), and sorta drifted off, when I tried to explain what I wanted :confused1: , because she looked and talked like she didn't understand me and even though I know she has been the for years, she didn't know about the riviera bag, I had to show her from the catalogue.. and she didn't offer to show me some other suggestions, all in all not a very good trip to Vuitton. SA service wise..

    I was SO torn for these two!!

    Plusses for the monogram Deauville: it matches my pegase and keepall, and for work it matches my agenda(s).. a bit more spacius than the Riviera.
    Negatives: Monogram canvas.. I still love it, but for an everyday bag, I am more fond of pther vuitton lines (SO many small teenage girls have stuff in the monogram canvas and their style downgrades the bags..

    Plusses for the Riviera:
    SUPER classy bag, looks like a gorgeus big handbag (but still smaller than my speedy). I just love the epi line, it is SUPER nice and upgrades any outfit.
    Negatives: A bit more stiff, not as much room for papers and such.

    I ended up buying the Deauville, but I am still torn.. Should I keep the Deauville and buy a smaller, more 'flat' bag for work? (They didn't have the Croisette or the Saint-tropez in epi :sad: :sad: .. she didn't even look for it.)

    ARGH .. any thoughts, tips or just anything??
  2. I have the Deauville and I use it for both work and travel (mostly toiletries and such). I like the monogram canvas and feel more comfortable getting a lot of use out of the bag (i.e., throwing it around, not literally though!), because I know it's durable. I don't own any epi pieces, but I think the Riviera is also a beautiful classy bag. However, I think for myself, I would be more gentle with it than my Deauville. I get a lot of use out of my bag and for that reason, the Riviera would not be right for my needs.
  3. You bought the Deauville, so obviously there's something about the bag you like- but from your post, it seems that you actually prefer the Riviera. While I like both bags, I think the Riviera is just too beautifully unique to pass up!
  4. I love the look and classyness of the riviera, but the spacing was better with the deauville.. I am thinking: Keep the deauville, but think of it as a beauty travel bag and an every day work bag .. THEN look for another classy elegant work bag (when I get all power suited up) that isn't so thick.

    I am thinking in black epi:

    Soft briefcase

    any reviews on these?
  5. i really like the deauville. that shape is lovely.
  6. I am partial to the deauville because I have one and I really like it.
  7. Me too! I have a Deauville also! Definately good for work papers and also toiletries as you can wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. But, the Deauville is a heavy purse - I use a strap with mine. I can't wait for my Deauville to develop a darker patina and soften up a bit - it's a bit stiff and I love the look of the Deauville when it's a bit worn in (not that I would do anything to abuse it).

    Please keep the Deauville for an everyday workbag and maybe buy the other purse later!!! :idea:
  8. Ahh.... I am a biiig fan of the Soft Briefcase.
  9. The deauville would be great!
  10. The soft briefcase would be gorgeous!
  11. i like the deauville for travel and sometimes used it as a work bag. its easy to maintain. but i also got the trouville for like an overnight trip or so and have used it for work more than the deauville.