Was looking at Spiegel and they had:

  1. I got a Speigel catalog yesterday and they had slight replicas of the downtown bag. It caught my eye because I just bought one. They looked the same ( in a cheap way) and the one difference was they had a snap flap cover over where the front pocket and side zippers are. They had it in black and then the black/white check was there too. There might have been more but I was tired and flipped through the catalog pretty quick.
    I guess aside from the true fake replicas everyone is trying to cash in on making some money off this bag's style.
  2. I saw this copycat YSL in a Spiegel catalog too. Funny, because I used to order things from them about 10-15 years ago. They actually had nice designer items back then (like Movado watches). They have since changed their selling format, and I haven't ordered from them in years.....