Was just at TJ Maxx and...


Jun 5, 2008
I bought the Bleeker Black Leather zip Hobo for 179$,now I am reading and finding out maybe that was not such a great deal they also had the Legacy 07 shoulder bag in black for 299$ which I really liked but what I really wanted the most was the Black Leigh but that was 399$ I really do not need another black large bag because I just got (two months ago) the Large black leather Carly. Maybe I need something smaller. I do not know I did really like the Leigh even though my husband may freak I will have to hide it ( you know men they don't understand our addictions). The bleeker does match my Bleeker wallet I just purchased from botique (wallet and bag both have tattershell lining. Anyhow any suggestions???:confused1:


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Aug 6, 2008
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my husband may freak I will have to hide
hahaha, ahhh yes, I forget the pluses to not educating my BF on Coach...lol!

I think that is a deal! Beautiful bag!!!! I agree though...a million large bags just won't be useful next to that beautiful Carly!!! I personally like to mix it up!

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Dec 4, 2007
Tjmaxx and MArshalls always have high prices on bags. Even their clearance prices are usually pretty high


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Jun 8, 2008
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yeah i agree they do have high prices on clearance bags, when i was at the one in howell, nj last weds they had a khaki sig bleeker zip hobo for $169.99 and a holiday patchwork tote for $299, had it been $199 i would have bought her but i can get it for much less than $299 elsewhere