Was it worth the wait?

  1. Hi ladies. I am curious whether those of you who finally scored a baby cabas think it was worth the wait or have you moved on to other bags? I went on several lists and keep getting calls that the khaki cabas is available but now i don't know if i want one. Is the cabas over or will it become a classic? what do you think? especially since the price went up, its hard to make up my mind whether i should still get one.
  2. Well, I would not have picked the cabas if I would go and buy a chanel. But that's only my taste, I don't think it will be a classic.
    But I know a lot of ladies are crazy about it, so if you are one of them, I would go for it.
    I think there are so many cute chanel bags to pick from (especially this fall winter coll.) that if you have doubts, go for one that has your entire heart!
  3. ^ITA....you HAVE to follow your heart...I personally adore the bc in bronze...Not sure if I'd like the khaki in that bag..Keep us posted...More ladies will be along to put in their two cents..maybe that will help you reach a decision..Good luck!!!
  4. It depends on what you really like, if you do not have any Chanel and want to have a Chanel classic that will last you a long time, then maybe you should go for the timeless flap or reissue (if you like flaps) or the GST or PST (if you like totes)....

    it all boils down to what you like really, I think the baby cabas is great as an everyday bag, I have a black one and use it quite alot, the style goes with almost everthing I wear, good luck on your decision.
  5. i got a call too today on the bronze baby cabas, but i denied it immediately since i'd like to get a black one. i'll buy it just becoz my only preference now is this or expandable flap, but expandable flap is not available now and so i'd get this one. i just need a larger black bag except my black PST

    if it's your only chanel, then i'll suggest a classic one indeed
  6. if you carry alot and like the kind of bag where you just throw things in (BC) and not worry, as opposed to a bag where you need to "pack" things in (classic flap) - although it does hold a fair amount): then get the BC!.
    If you want a true classic and you intend to use it very often and do not carry alot, then the flap

    (by alot, i mean: long wallet, coin purse, snack, cellphone, pens, makeup case, keys, daybook (i don't have an Iphone or Blackberry, so use a hard calendar/address book i call my daybook). All of this is perfect in my BC....not so in my classic jumbo flap)

    let us know!! am sure you will make the choice that's perfect for you
  7. I missed out on this bag the first time around too. I called everywhere, but they were all sold out. I really wanted one, and began obsessing about getting one, but after a while when there was no way to get one, I gradually let go of the idea of having a bc. Now I'm glad I didn't get one, I find the flaps are more suited to me, and they are more classic (I am trying to only buy classic style bags). I think the bc is a beautiful bag, but to me it is too trendy, but that's just me. If you are still loving it after all this time, maybe you do need to get it.
  8. i had a vinyl cabas sent to me when they first came out and i thought it looked like a trash bag and i returned it. it didnt even occur to me to order a leather one. i actually have a denim cabas on the way so thats why im debating if i still want the khaki (bronze) cabas. i have 7 other chanel bags so its not that big a deal. they are all trendy except one flap bag but its perforated and not classic-i guess i have been spending a lot of money lately and maybe i should hold out and get a classic flap in a few months instead of another trendy chanel bag. i dunno ill prolly have to have it when i see it in person. i actually have never seen one in baltimore so thats a good sign- it isnt overdone around here. sorry im just babbling. chanel bags make me crazy and i babble incoherently. but i did just get a fedex with a really cute black cashmere winter hat with a pom pom and CC stitched on the side with little chains (not sure what better way to describe it). im obsessed with chanel hats- i bought 3 in the last several months and cant wait until it gets cool enough to wear them.
  9. I think the cabas will stand the test of time. Sure it is not a flap but look at all of the vintage bags coming around again. Plus if you love it, then it is not a trend but a classic to you.
  10. Personally I am not crazy about that bag.;)
  11. I think its a great everyday bag. I like how its not so obvious Chanel. I have seen insprired by bags at Cache and other places so that's the only turn off.

    Even if Chanel doesn't continue to make it, I can see wearing it for a long time.
  12. The baby cabas was actually my first Chanel. I got it the first year it came out and have loved it! I have since turned to more classic bags, but I am glad I have it and use it and enjoy it very much. It is much easier to carry for me than a flap, and does have classic elements to it such as the quilting and chain.
  13. I have had the baby cabas in khaki since christmas. I have bought numberous other bags since, but I have a hard time using the newer bags since I love my cabas so much. I think it is a perfect bag. Great size, cool color, cool shape and I think it looks good with everything.
    I have finally forced myself to switch to my new bottega that I have had sitting in my closet for 4 months but I miss using my cabas.
    As for whether it is timeless, I am not sure.
  14. I also have had my Dark silver baby Cabas since December and apart from one day change here and there its the bag I have most used for 9months and i have about 15 other chanel bags... Just bought the les marais gold bowler but i think my dark silver is the colour and style i most like!
  15. This is exactly how I feel about my BC. I just started my collection and it's the bag that I got after returning a jumbo classic - it's more contemporary and less obvious, for sure, but I just like how functional a tote it is!