was it worth it?

  1. I just recieved a black peacoat from Aritzia as a birthday present from my parents. They only bought it for me because I fell head over heels in love with it when I tried it on in-store :P It is easily the most expensive piece of clothing I own, costing a little over CDN$300 after tax. The label on the inside says the outer shell is made of 80% wool and 20% polyamide. And, it was made in Canada (if that makes any difference ...)

    The tags are already off, I've worn it out twice, and I love it to bits, so I have no plans at all to return it. But, I still want to know: do you think it was worth the money? :shrugs:
  2. YES!!!! Classic purchase and you love it...enough said!
  3. If you love something to bits and have no plan to return it, then it was worth the money. Something should only be returned when you have ANY thoughts about not liking it.
  4. Absolutely!

    Besides, Aritzia has great winter coats, & since you love it that much, of course it's worth it.
  5. yes it's worth it for sure :yes:
  6. It's a winter coat? I'm not familiar with Aritzia, but $300 sounds pretty cheap for a full coat?
  7. Yes it was worth it!
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by a "full coat", but it's a peacoat that hits just below the hips. I think it could take me through the winter, as long as i'm wearing a sweater underneath, maybe with a few layers (Vancouver winters are pretty mild =D).

    I guess I asked this question because I have no idea what makes a good coat. Is it the cut? The material? (I'm thinking it's probably a combination of both, but I really don't know what to look for) What kind of material? :shrugs:

    Anyway, as I said, I won't be returning this particular coat, but I would like to be more informed for next time :smile:
  9. Uploaded some pictures, just for fun :P

    On the hanger:

    And on me:
    IMGP4114.JPG Copy of IMGP4154.JPG Copy of IMGP4155.JPG
  10. it looks grat on you! Its a keeper!
  11. It looks great on you..keep it if you love it. Plus not every day you find Made in Canada products.
    Plus when it comes to winter coats in Canada you need to invest in a good piece, which sometimes comes with a pricey tag. However, it will keep you warm and will look good on you.
    Congrats :yahoo:

    The material will definitely define a good winter coat. The cut is more a preference thing. You can find very good coats in different materials. It also depends what you're using them for (city cruising, snowboarding).
    I'm not very familair with what defines a good wool coat but I did learn the hard way that if you want a Good winter coat that is going to withstand a Canadian winter you'll probably pay a bit of money.
  12. It looks great on you and $300 CDN is not that expensive for a peacoat IMO (that's only like $260 US?) So yes, definitely worth it!
  13. I too just bought a peacoat for winter. IMO they are a staple in any winter wardrobe. It looks great on you! The price is great too!
  14. Definitely Keep It...!!!
  15. Since you asked about what makes a good coat the materials are really important. Cashmere and cashmere blends are going to cost more money for instance. Higher quality wools are more expensive. Sythentic materials tend to be cheaper. Also on more expensive coats you generally have better lining and more expensive details, like buttons.