Was it real?

  1. I was in Neiman's today, and I saw this woman with an amazing 35 Togo Birkin in black. But then I got a little nearer, and upon closer inspection, I wondered it was real. While the bag looked sturdy and in pretty good shape, I noticed that some of the color around the piping on the bottom part of the bag had rubbed off pretty noticeably. Is that a common thing for them to lose color like that, or was she carrying a fake? I can never tell a fake, but this one made me wonder.

  2. I have one in togo and it didn't rub off that noticeably. There was some lightening, but it still remained black. Hermes dyes their leathers through and through. The color should permeate through the entire depth of the skin so even though it rubs the color should still be black. What color were the corners?
  3. Agree with HG on this. My Gold Togo has lightened up a little on the corners but it's still gold not white.
  4. Oh, wait, I have a few in togo that I forgot about. I just checked them all and they're all still black at the erosion points.
  5. Not totally white, but noticeably lighter--almost a light grey.
  6. Hmm it might still have been real. I have a small area on the edge of my ostrich birkin that is a little gray. I suppose that is from not being as careful as I should and bumping into things. So maybe she is the same way.
  7. The corners on my black evergrain are a little...hmmm...graphite...definite "rubbing" if you look closely...
  8. Might still be OK.
  9. Depends, also, if it was Togo for sure or possibly a similar leather?
  10. It looked like Togo to me.
  11. Hmm.
    I haven't ever seen that on a Togo bag, but then again I haven't really beaten the heck out of my bags, either...Dunno!
  12. It might still be a real Birkin. My nanny bumped my Jaune on some rough-textured wall once, and as the result, the leather on the two back corners of my bag were badly rubbed-off and was greyish color. It couldn't be completely repaired to its original state, even after spa. The H craftman just put a new yellow coat to cover the eroded corners, but they're still noticeable upon closer inspection.
  13. It's nice to be able to say that!
  14. If the rest of the bag was in good shape, would the bottom piping be that badly worn??
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