was it only US who got extra panda pochettes? and how much do they cost?

im not sure about where they were sent, but maybe call a california store, and see if you can get one...because japan is very closely affiliated with california, they may only be sending them there..
the prices around 400, but im not sure..
I'm not quite sure about the Panda pouchette but the Panda cles have definitely been shipped to Europe. I just bought a Panda cles in Dusseldorf, Germany last Friday although if I remember correctly the SA said it was their last exept one they had on display which already had a lot of vachetta.

I got my panda pochette last summer. there wasn't a waiting list or anything - it was pure luck that I got it. there was one in the display case, my SA said they were overstock from japan, and I bought it on the spot for around $550 CAD.

I know the first batch that came to the US (around feb of this year) was $345 and I recall there was a Panda post earlier and the price that Kathy stated sounds familar so I would think it's $395 now.

I know for the previous release, Canada got some but I'm not sure if Europe got any