Was it me or did the system hiccup?

  1. I was opening threads into new tabs when all of a sudden they'd open to this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function eaccelerator_get() in /usr/home/sites/purseblog.com/htdocs/forum/includes/functions_vbseo.php on line 3832

    And even just trying to click a link lead to a blank white page.

    I'm pretty tech-incompetent. Can anyone tell me: Is it me, or was it a tpf server thing?

    Seems to have resolved itself though.... :s
  2. I got it too!!

    I thought something real bad happened!!!
  3. Same thing happened to me.
  4. happened to me too
  5. Yeap, I messed up. Fixed it two minutes later though. :push:
  6. Mahalo, Vlad!

    Sorry that you messed up... but I'm glad it wasn't me!

    thanks for clearing that up... :tup::okay: