Was it inappropriate to ask this question?

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  1. I took my bag to the Coach store to be sent off for repairs a few weeks back. I get a call today telling me the bag can't be repaired, and a voucher is on its way to me. I asked what happened to my bag, and she said it has been recycled. Since it's being recyled anyway, I asked if I could get the bag back and the voucher. She said annoyingly "that's pushing it." I didn't think it was that inappropriate to ask. They're tossing it anyway, and especially given that no one asked me before throwing it away. The bag was in good condition, and the repair I had wanted done was very minor and inside the bag.
  2. you get one or the other. i've never asked for my bags back because i've gotten a jax letter, which is supposed to be used to replace what could not be repaired.
  3. I understand if they can't do both, but I just didn't think it was so bad that I asked.
  4. I don't think it was bad, you tried ! Also why would she say that was pushing it, it is not like Coach doesn't make tons of profit over what it costs to make that bag and if it was a minor repair they should have been able to do it. Also it is a waste to destroy a perfectly good bag for a minor flaw. Sounds like she was being inapropriate by being so rude.
  5. When I ship them off myself, I get both. But my bags have always been more than a few years old and the letter is not for full value.
  6. I agree with the other posters - I think she was just being rude if more than anything.
  7. I sent my husbands wallet in for repair a few months ago and I got both the letter and I also got the wallet back. I did not even ask for it back. They just sent it.
  8. was it a newer bag, or an older one? that can make a diference too.

    i don't think she was being rude, personally. but i'm sure she could have worded it differently.
  9. I'd hope they'd ask you what you'd prefer before just tossing the bag?
  10. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask! I assume when they say they're "recycling" the bag, that just means that it ends up at an outlet with an "as is" tag on it. I'm assuming that's what happened to the bag I sent in, but I got a credit so I'm okay with that.
  11. The bag was a couple of years old. And no, no one asked what I wanted. When I brought that up, she did say she can make a notation (she's at my local store where I dropped off the bag initially) and see if the repair center could find the bag, if I want it back instead of the voucher. Thanks guys, I feel better. But I'm a little sad that my hot pink Coach is gone. It was one of my first designer bags.
  12. I would be pissed off if they "recycled' my bag without even asking what I would prefer.
    IMO -
    If you're getting full credit for the bag, they should've asked you which you wanted -- to receive the bag back, or get a credit.
    If they're giving you partial credit, they should return your bag to you and give you partial credit.
  13. I agree, I do think they should have asked you first, particularly if the bag wasn't new. I can see why they won't give both, though, because that would open the door for abuse of the system. It's the same as when I used to work at a fast food place. If the item ordered was made wrong, we had to throw it away. We had a customer who couldn't understand why he couldn't have that, plus the new one. The problem with that was what would stop him from claiming his item was wrong every time he came in, just to get double food? So I guess the principle is the same, just different items. You could have a bag and use it for a while, damage it so it couldn't be fixed, then get to keep your bag and get a credit. But, they should give benefit of the doubt and ask what you want before they just decide.
  14. Can someone explain the vouchers? I have a Coach that needs repair, but I don't know if it can be fixed. What's the deal with repairs?
  15. Ditto!!!!!!!!