was it a scam?


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007

i've read some crazy stories here and want to ask you guys opinions.

i ended up didn't go thru the transaction with the buyer but it still bugs me from time to time that was i being scammed??

so here is the story....i was listing my YSL muse 2 on bonz for i don't recall how many months...and finally there was a buyer from UK decided to buy my purse. she went back and forth with me and finally made her offer. after i accepted her offer...she said she didn't have enough money. she just moved from asia (may be thailand...) to the UK and her paypal wasn't set up according to UK address but her thailand paypal account was still active. she said her UK paypal wouldn't allow her to pay more than 500...can't remember it's her bank or paypal restriction. (i never had that problem w/ paypal...so i was bit alarmed)...and she said if she could use her thailand paypal to pay and me sending the bag to UK. since i've been told never send anything non confirmed pp address so i said no. so i gave her like 2 weeks and asked her to pay again. i think i asked her to pay to 2 separate payment so they will be less than 500 each...but she just disappeared.
did she try to scam me?
the disappearance sort of confirmed the alarm in my head....
anyway, just want to share in case it's happening to some other ppl.

after reading all that crazy stories...it feels better to buy than sell....


Mar 24, 2009
I definitely think it was a scam!!!! I'm glad you decided against it, if your gut tells you no, you need to follow your first feelings:yes:, usually they are right! I'm glad you didn't go through with the transaction with all the scamming going on


Ms. Speedy Gonzales
Aug 24, 2007
who knows. But she could also be hoping you'd be willing to reduce to $500 using the story about the UK account being limited, knowing full well in advance you wouldn't accept the nonconfirmed payment from Thailand. people try all sorts of tricks out there.