Was it a compliment?

  1. Me, and everyone else I know, have Facebook pages. It's like MySpace only somewhat safer. BTW, all of this happened today. So anyway, you can post pictures and I changed my "Profile Picture" to something I took today. Do ya'll remember the guy I was telling you about? Isaac? The preachers son? (The only one who could ever reach me/Was the son of a preacher man/ the only boy who could ever teach me/Was the son of a preacher man...sorry) Well he's an amatuer film maker and has posted his stuff on YouTube. This last video he shot was a spoof of Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker" one of my favorite PB songs. Anyway, getting to my point. I wrote on his "wall" that I like the video and it was hilarious blah blah blah. And he sends me a PRIVATE MESSAGE and says thanks but he wants to keep it on the down low because he's not sure how people at church would react to him flailing himself against the car and the light pole and jumping up and down on the bed and all that...and then he closes his PM by saying "Your pic looks good."

    Was that the guy version of "You look good" or what? Was he saying "Your pretty?" Or am I just dreaming? That's the pic down there. So I don't know what to think.

    HELP ME!!!!
    Profile Pic001.jpg
  2. I think he's saying you are cute....hope it sparks a relationship :graucho: :yahoo:
  3. hmmm... I think he's being truthful cuz you do indeed look very pretty! I like how your eyes kinda "twinkle" (or maybe it's just the camera lol) :biggrin:
  4. FacebooK! hehe! I have that before, but i don't know my password anymore! hehe! I think that was a compliment girl! :biggrin:
  5. I def. think it was a compliment. You look really pretty in the pic...love your hair!!!
  6. Definitely a compliment... Ooooh!!!
  7. It was a compliment.. :tender: cute pic, btw!
  8. I agree with everyone else, it was a compliment! Cute pic!
  9. Definitely a compliment, but I wouldn't read into it so deeply. You do look good. You must really like the kid, though :p.
  10. that's def. a compliment :smile:
  11. Definitely a compliment :yes:
  12. Curious, why would you think it's not a compliment?

    Do you like this boy?
  13. Haha, I've gotten messages on Facebook that are much worse; he's evidently not smooth, but he it seems like he meant well. Is there something else going on that you are not telling us?

    Very pretty pic!
  14. With that picture he MUST've been joking. :rolleyes:

    Just kidding.

    Yeah, he probably couldn't fit it into the message, perhaps he was a bit nerveous and decided to write it down just before sending it. :yes: Take it as a compliment. ;)
  15. it's a compliment