Was/is there an XL Jumbo in black caviar w/silver hardware?

  1. Or did they stop at a Jumbo? TIA
  2. I was at the Chanel Boutique in Nordstroms and was advised they had a jumbo w/silver hardware available...about 3 weeks ago
  3. I've never seen the XL in anything other then black lambskin and gold hardware..
  4. I agree, I have never seen it before.
    I don't think that they ever made the XL Jumbo with silver hardware or in caviar.
  5. I agree too! I have never seen other than lambskin with gold hardware.
  6. ive only heard of the jumbo size as the biggest except for the older vintage jumbo which is a tad bigger compared to the current jumbo which is in stores now
  7. the XL is not made anymore there were only made in previous years!
  8. ^ Ok, so it would have to be a vintage/retired bag. I will assume (shouldn't do that though) that the hardware will ONLY be gold since silver is a recent addition to Chanel bags.

    I'll start keeping an eye out on the resale market. Thanks everyone!

    Oh and thank you for the heads up on the flap at Nordstroms!!:smile:
  9. I would like to add that the lambskin on the XL Jumbo is much more sturdier than the lambskin on smaller flaps.
  10. TGhats great to hear beeautylicdious ^^ I'vw noticed mine can take a mild beating and cmoe out fine :biggrin:
  11. Agreed! I have 3 XL jumbo (lambskin w/G/H) and they are sturdy! I don't baby them like my newer medium flaps in lambskin.