Was in Paris and decded to get a pair of Louboutins but came back with...

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  1. I never posted here before but I have been a shoeaddict for way longer than a purseaddict, so i thought I would share.I was in Paris this week and had only a short time off but really wanted to get a pair of patent Louboutins, now I didn't know that neither Galeries Lafayette nor Le Printemps carried them...:sad: and I didn't have time to go elsewhere

    So I decided to look around some...always dangerous and "head over heels"...fell in love with these, the heel is about 11cm which is I think 4.5 inches



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  2. Hot!
  3. oh la la
  4. Thanks, I really like them and I have the impression that they will be really comfortable, for once a pair I will actually be able to walk in lol, they have an inbuild/invisible platform which helps.
    The Prada stand really had nice stuff this time.
  5. They're beautiful. Congrats!
  6. Love them:heart:
  7. ooh those are gorgeous!
  8. those are fantastic, my mother has them too! i'm fully intending to "borrow" them soon though :whistle:
  9. LOVE those. Plus I think Prada shoes are THE most comfortable designer shoes available.

    Congrats Cat!
  10. Wow, gorgeous...congrats!
  11. Really smart!!!
  12. Beautiful. Enjoy them.
  13. Very chic and classic! Enjoy!!
  14. Thanks lady's I am pretty happy with my purchase. Now I still want a pair of CL's but will go for color I think.
  15. those are beautiful, very classy.