Was I wrong to do this?

  1. Sorry Kinda Long- remember I ordered the beige gst, but got nervous but it being so light? When I called 2 days later to say change the order to black, it had already been shipped, but I let the SA know I would be exchanging it when it came. There was a black one there at the time. The SA went on Vacation for 1.5 weeks-when she came back, of course they were out. She said to wait and she would call when she had one. I called a local store and by chance they had one! So I drove there and exchanged it- was I wrong to do this to the other SA? I was just impatient to wear my bag!
  2. no, there's nothing wrong with getting what you want.
  3. don't there's anything wrong with that. i do that when i can't wait for the bag too.
  4. Nopes, nothing wrong with that. Satisfaction ~ my SA would give me another SA's name to contact if they weren't available and help me with the exchange.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with that. Glad you were able to get what you really wanted! :yes:
  6. oh, good! should i at least call and tell her myself or is it just buisiness?
  7. My logical side says- don't feel bad, get what you want espically with a hard to find bag. But I understand your feelings as I am loyal to my SA and would feel bad ordering from someone else too. But in this case, you had to:nuts:
  8. Nothing wrong with that, it's business, not personal.
  9. no there is nothing wrong...dont feel bad about it
  10. It would be soooo hard to wait a week and a half when you know you can have the bag you want NOW!

    I think most of us would have done the same--it's understandable.
  11. see, i did wait the week .5 til she came back, but she didn't have 1 and it was an unknown how long it would be-plus i would see what i purchased immediately-DH was so great to drive me 5 hours away!:yes:
  12. Nope..don't think so...
    but u shld at least call the SA(the first one) to inform her of yr decision
  13. nothing wrong at all and i would do the same thing, in fact, am about to, when i call Saks Chevy Chase tomorrow to see if they actually have one Coco Cabas in denim! But i would write a letter to the Dept. Manager about how attentive and helpful the SA was, if you are a reg of hers! (i do that.)
  14. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your black one.
  15. no. There's nothing wrong with what you did. Customers are always and WILL ALWAYS be right!