Was I supposed to get a box with my BV purchase from Saks?

  1. I'm very new to BV, but I recently took the plunge and ordered a wallet. I've always wanted something from BV, but can't quite afford a purse, yet. So, instead, I purchased a French wallet. I ordered it from Saks and it came wrapped in tissue paper. The tags from BV and Saks were in the wallet. But, there's no BV box. :confused1:

    I wanted the nice looking box, for storing the wallet when I'm not using it. Although, I know I'm supposed to let leather items breathe and air out. I guess there wasn't supposed to be a dust bag either?

    I've seen pictures of other people's new purchases and it seems that wallets and small items do come with a BV box. Considering how much they charged for shipping, I don't think a box would have increased the cost. Maybe only orders from the BV boutiques or online include a nice box? Or large $$$ purchases from Saks?
    Maybe I should go to the local Saks and ask for a BV box?
  2. shiba_inu - I purchased a BV bag from Saks last month. It came with BV dust bag, no BV box.
    Wallets that I had purchased from Bluefly and BV boutique... each came with a BV box.
    It doesn't hurt to ask Saks about the BV box.
    Oh.. please do post pics of your new wallet!
  3. my coin purse that i ordered from saks came with a box
  4. All my purchases have come from a BV boutique. My purses came in a dust bag only, my wallets have both come in a box.
  5. Thanks everyone! I will go to Saks and ask for the box.
    My camera is charging right now, so after it's done, I will post some pics of my brand new, and beautiful (1st for me) BV purchase. ;)
  6. Wallets and small accessories from BV do come in boxes, no dustbags. My large make-up pouch came with dustbag but no box. All handbags/purses have dustbags.

    Congrats on your 1st BV, do post pics!
  7. I've bought a few wallets and only one even had a cloth around it (not a bag). the other wallets had only tissue paper around the wallet inside the box. Sometimes if the store isn't BV itself, they don't include the box. If it's important to you, check when ordering.

    NM is bad about including boxes. Chanel items include boxes, but BV come with no box and recently, a pair of Tod's shoes came with no box, not even a dustabg!
  8. I ordered a bag from Matches. it came with the dustbag, but no box.
    I find it really annoying.:tdown: I want the box!!!
  9. Often BV's from Saks do not come with boxes
  10. Hmmh, I ordered my bag directly from BV and it came only in the dustbag, but no box either, but there was a nice little note that this bag was too big to fit into any of their gift boxes!
  11. in my experience, only the accessories come in boxes.
  12. I bought the french wallet from saks boston late last year and it came with a box.
  13. A few years ago I bought a BV "fortune cookie" bag from NM or BG, can't remember which, and it came in a box.
  14. mine came from the BV boutique - no box
  15. i bought from matches too, but it didn't come with the dusytbag.. just the matches box and large tissue papers.. !?