Was I ripped off?

  1. Two years ago I bought a Dior bag at Singapore's DFS.


    Prior to making my purchase I was quoted $300sgd by the SA. When I went down on a separate occasion few months later to purchase, another SA told me that it's no longer $300sgd but $350sgd because the bag is last season/outdated hence the $50sgd surcharge.

    I've never heard of such a thing before, but I bought the last piece anyway. Shouldn't I be more likely to get a discount instead of a surcharge? I bought an "outdated" Hermes scarf (last piece in the store) in Hongkong and was never taxed.
  2. I am not familiar with how things work in singapore but I would have thought it would be discounted since it's last season rather than more expensive :shrugs:
  3. i bought 2 bags from dior 2 months ago at Sg-DFS, the price before 5% GST and after 7% GST is the same .. :smile:
  4. That's really really odd. Never heard of there being some "surcharge" for last season's bags before. Only rational explanation I can think of is that there was some sale/discount going on when you were quoted $300 and it was over when you went back, so no more sale price.

    Maybe you shd call up and ask?
  5. that's very strange. i've never heard of a surcharge ever, and if anything, dior regularly holds sales to clear the dead/old stock at reduced prices.
  6. Oh dear. But it's been 2 years! :sad:
    I only thought of this because I was planning to get my bag cleaned at the store (do they provide this service?).
  7. They do have a cleaning service, if it is beyond the 12 month warranty then there will be a cost, not sure how much though.
  8. strange. the reason given is really odd
  9. they do, although it's probably easier if you were to go directly to the cleaners yourself. i've rung up my SA at dior before and she gave me a list of drycleaners dior recommends. i've been going to the one (colorwash) at china square central (within the CBD area) - http://www.colorwash.com.sg/ the service is excellent and i've had my trotter romantique (and my chanel reissue) dry-cleaned there. they seem to cater to cleaning services for designer bags (whilst waiting to collect my bag i saw someone drop off her miu miu and another lady came in to collect her gucci wallet). the prices aren't too bad too. :yes:
  10. Thanks! Reasonable pricing indeed :heart:
    I've heard of that place.. saw someone sending her Birkin for a wash before.
  11. There is also this place called Le Shine at Far East Plaza. I think they have a branch in the Shenton Way area too. She calls herself a "bag beautician", it was recommended to me by the SA at the Miu Miu boutique when I wanted to bring my Coffer in. Check out http://www.leshine.biz/
  12. my bag got some fungi, can it be removed? i dun wan bring thr bag over, and be laughed by them :sad:
  13. Hi all,

    2 years ago, I also bought a bag from Dior in Singapore but not from DFS. 5 months earlier, the bag was at full price and when I went back there again to buy it, it was discounted cause it was deemed last season! so its very very odd that they charged you more just cause its last season.
  14. Why don't you call them and ask before you bring it over? They offer cleaning and dye-ing services, I am sure the fungi could be cleaned off?