Was I right to pass on this 04 First?

  1. OK. I was in Knightsbridge today and walked past a very high end dress agency. On the off chance I'd find an eggplant first in there, I strolled in.
    No eggplant, but there WAS a smooshy black 04 First - at less than £300!
    I'm on a buying ban (well, except an eggplant):shame: , so walked out - but you know how this works, can't stop thinking about bag, want bag, need bag....

    Anyway. Called the store, had them hold it back for me, trailed all the way back over London.....have bag in my hands admiring smooshiness *sigh*.... and then see two little holes either end of bag (looked like the kind you get from security tags):cursing: Left, without buying bag...

    What would you do?
    Should I have bought it?

    I think I now have the opposite of Buyer's Remorse....
  2. Nah you did the right thing, you can't repair a hole like that and you would always know it was there....go with first gut instinct!
  3. what kind of hardware does it have?
  4. it's hard to do, but holes in intolerable sometimes :P
  5. Bag Freak 2 - Well, I want to say 'brass', but not sure - not like the hardware on my bubblegum pink or rouge vif,anyway....a slightly different tone.
  6. I think you took the right decision.

    Come on, you can't possibly hang around with a bag you aren't 100%comfortable with because it has holes in it.
    Even if people wouldn't have noticed, you would always have remembered that, and therefore you would have had perplexities for a long time (just like you are doing now, these things work the other way round as well), and therefore you would never have really loved the purse.

    If the holes had really been ok for you, you would have known it straight away. You deserve much better than that, and £300 don't grow on trees after all.

    What's more even if it was a good price it's not a one of a kind bag.
    I think you will be much happyer later on when you will have these £300 to buy something you are really sure about.

    Don't worry.
  7. If it had holes in it I wouldnt have bought it...the right one will come!