Was I right to do this ? - a Really nice seller

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  1. Ok, so I was looking on eBay before and came across an auction for something I had in my collection, so the seller said in her listing that if you know anything about the name or style of the item then could you please e-mail her. She only had one pic and didnt usually sell designer items.

    So I e-mailed her and told her the style and price, she e-mailed me back and said thankyou so much. She seemed so nice and sweet so I e-mailed her again and I suggested she could put some more pics since the item she was selling is worth ALOT more than she started it from.

    So she e-mailed me again and thanked me and she also took the auction down to make a new one with the new info and more pics.

    Now I hate to spoil a bargain because I love a bargain but I just thought she was so nice and I like to help her out because I knew alot about the designer.

    What do you think ?, have you ever done this ?. :tup:
  2. Yeah I've done it before too...I think it's nice, as a seller, I'd appreciate someone helping me along with my auction like that as well.
  3. She shouldn't have gone looking for research by putting out an auction. She should have done her research ahead of time. It wasn't fair to take it down and restart.

    I wouldn't have done what you did, though I know you did it with the best of intentions. :smile:
  4. I have done this before if it's a seller or buyer that I know or if someone specifically states on their listing for info from people.....it's good karma!

    Well done OP, that was a very nice thing to do :flowers:
  5. I really think that was a nice thing to do.Who knows you may end up getting it for a good price.;)
  6. That was a really nice gesture. I have done it and I too have received tips from other sellers all these years. That was the basis for the original eBay way back then, a true community. One day you'll list something you have no idea how-to and I am sure there will be someone else helping you out.
  7. Well done IMO!
  8. I have done this as well.
  9. That was very nice of you.
  10. :woohoo: good for you! That was extremely nice and I'm sure it will come back to you 3 fold.
  11. It's a very nice of you :tup:

    I usually debate myself to tell the seller or not :p
  12. It is never wrong to take the high road and do good.
  13. You did the right thing, it was a wonderful gesture. Good on you!
  14. That was nice of you, yes I probably would have done it also!
  15. That was really nice. My father recently contacted a seller to give them some info about the item, and she offered to send us something as a gift. That was very sweet, and he thanked her, but he declined and said he was just happy to help.